The First Costa Rican Cleaning Industry with  
Carbon Neutral Certification



Actions towards Carbon Neutrality:

In 2011 with the purpose of being the leader among the Costa Rican industries in matter of social and environmental responsibility not just in productive process but also in distribution, FLOREX made the decision to participate in the Carbon Neutral Certification process.

FLOREX is a Company which assumes the environmental issue like an enterprise symbol of social commitment, differentiation and competitive advantage, in a global market which every time is more concerned about the social and environmental impact generated by different economical activities.

The certification process not only involves the quantification of emissions but will also generate projects or activities to reduce emissions from the company.    

Emissions: Within emission sources undergoing control for the carbon neutrality process are: 
     •   The fuel consumed by the vehicle fleet. 
     •   The electricity consumption of the production plant and office area.
     •   Gas consumption linked to the production process.

All this is done in order to ensure that the production process and product distribution, which are sources of emission from the greenhouse gases, are being monitored and controlled.

In March 2013, FLOREX has reached the Carbon Neutral Certification under the National Standard INTE 12/01/06: INTECO, recognized by Costa Rican Government, being the first cleaning industry to obtain this certification.





FLOREX is certified to ISO 14001, ISO 9001 and Carbon Neutral Certification under the National Standard INTE 12/01/06: 2011, Recognized by Costa Rican Government.
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