FLOREX is a company settled in Costa Rica dedicated to the production and marketing of environmentally friendly cleaning products and services.

It is leader in Central America in designing and developing cleaning products by eco-friendly formulations, which satisfy the cleaning needs of homes and industries in the Central American region.

At FLOREX, we try to make all the company processes, internal as well as external, as friendly to the environment as possible. This effort has been recognized in the region by awarding the company the Cleaner Production prize in the Eco-Design category by the Central American Commission for Environment and Development.

FLOREX has been concerned with achieving development in harmony with nature, that is the reason it keeps in a constant process of research, innovation and improvement in environmental performance. The company is a manufacturer of eco-friendly cleaning products; under the methodology Design for Sustainability (D4S).

•   ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 Certification

•  Cleaner Production process applied to the entire production process and marketing

•   Products with environmental and high quality features which meets international standards

•   Eco Infrastructure development and sustainable management practices in the whole production process and marketing of our products


FLOREX is certified to ISO 14001, ISO 9001 and Carbon Neutral Certification under the National Standard
INTE 12/01/06: 2011, Recognized by Costa Rican Government1.


We are a company that researches, designs, manufactures, and markets products and services to improve the quality of life of people, in harmony with the environment. 



Being recognized in Central America as a leading company in innovative and eco friendly cleaning solutions.



• Responsibility: I am aware that I am part of a gear to meet the objectives. 
•  Excellence: I do my best in everything.
•  ProactivityI rise before the events, and take the initiative.
•  Respect: To me the person is important.
•  ConsistencyI do what I say. I am the result of my thoughts and actions.



Quality and Environmental Politics

We design, manufacture, distribute and commercialize environmentally friendly cleaning products, in addition to outsourcing cleaning services, green areas maintenance and pest-control. Our core elements are competitiveness, sustainable production, innovation and continuous improvement. Our products and service offerings are designed to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations and needs, respecting environmental considerations in order to avoid environmental pollution, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and contribute to our company´s commitment to sustainability. Our organization meets the legal and regulatory requirements in all products, services and environmental aspects applied, as well as with any other requirement to which the organization subscribes with other stakeholders.


FLOREX is certified to ISO 14001, ISO 9001 and Carbon Neutral Certification under the National Standard INTE 12/01/06: 2011, Recognized by Costa Rican Government.
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