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AQA Limpia




 AQA Limpia is a preventive solution to the system of wastewater treatment or septic tanks. 

AQA Limpia is a suite of Beneficial microorganisms, that contribute to eliminate nasty odors as well as speed up the decomposition of its source, without harming the environment.

These Beneficial microorganisms reduce the pollution of the wastewater to degrade the organic matter present, friendly contributing in water treatment and odors control (odors caused by the decomposition of organic matter).

The constant application of the product, will increase the population of microorganisms contributing to better water treatment, odor control and the presence of pathogenic microorganisms, degrading fat and improving conditions of the septic tank.




AQA Limpia  can be used in systems for wastewater treatment, septic tanks, grease traps in homes and restaurants, bathrooms, toilets and wash sinks..


Environmental Features

• Manufactured in Costa Rican First-Eco Factory 

 • 100% biodegradable.

• This is 100% environmentally friendly treatment.

• Control odors from wastewater, avoiding me problems with neighbors and health authorities.

• Non toxic or harmful to humans, plants or animals

• It is a safe, easy and fast application



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