Cleaning products for industries

  • Food industry: dairy, meat and beverage industry
  • Biomedical and health industry

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    EcoworldWe offer integral cleaning solutions that improve the quality of life and health of industries.

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    Food Industry

    Cleaning and disinfecting surfaces that have come into contact with organic matter is vital in the fight against bacterial and viral diseases, and ensures the safety and security of any other food items that come into contact with that surface. FLOREX offers a wide range of chemical products, equipment and services specifically designed to properly clean and disinfect the facilities of our customers in the food industry.

    Biomedical Healthcare Industry

    Controlling hospital-acquired infections is a major concern in the healthcare industry; cleaning and disinfecting is therefore of significant importance when attempting to mitigate the risk of pathogen proliferation. FLOREX offers a wide range of innovative solutions that reduce the risk of contracting a hospital-acquired infection and disinfect the critical, semi-critical and non-critical materials, as well as the specialized clothing garments and fabrics used in medical care.

    Wastewater Treatment

    Whether intended for home or industrial use, biological wastewater treatment is an excellent option for controlling odors, decreasing legally regulated parameters, and reducing maintenance costs. FLOREX offers a special line of products that harness microorganisms, bacteria and enzymes for the treatment of wastewater and septic tanks.


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