Cleaning products for institutions

  • Offices and shopping centers
  • Hotels, restaurantes and cafeterias
  • Laundries
  • Education centers and universities

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    We are manufacturers of sustainable cleaning products

    EcoworldWe offer integral cleaning solutions that improve the quality of life and health of companies and institutions.

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    Business Offices & Shopping Malls

    FLOREX is an important partner to any organization concerned with maintaining the workplace –and any area with heavy foot traffic– in optimal hygienic conditions, preserving the health of its employees, and reducing the company’s ecological footprint. Due to the high quality of FLOREX cleaning products, customers can achieve excellent environmental and economic results.

    Hotels, Restaurants and Cafés (HORECA)

    Our line of eco-friendly products are guaranteed to meet the highest standards of efficiency and quality, and are accompanied by our personalized customer service. FLOREX offers cleaning solutions for the kitchen, laundry facilities and other areas of interest in the HORECA industry. Products include dish washing soap, multi-purpose and multi-surface cleaners, deodorizers, wax, degreasers, detergents, and disinfectants, among others.


    FLOREX offers the full range of dosing and dispensing products and equipment that are required to clean clothing garments and keep them in good condition, such as stain removers, detergents and fabric softeners. In addition, FLOREX provides technical consultancy and maintenance services to cover and satisfy all of our customers’ specific needs .


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