Clean Sip water filter

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Microfilter that cleans impurities and chemicals and makes water drinkable.


The Clean Sip™  water filter is the world’s smallest water filter inside a straw, which uses the latest generation patented technology suitable to use in places or situations where there is a shortage of drinking water or bacteriological risk in it.

Yields more than 2.5 liters daily for 6 months. Allows to recover up to 1000 liters of drinking water, replaces 1600 plastic bottles of water.

For every two filters purchased, Clean Sip™ donates a straw to the Water is Life organization.

Reduces diseases such as cholera, hepatitis, dysentery and dehydration.

It uses a combination of three microfilters, activated carbon and a high purity metal alloy.

Instructions for Use: When using for the first time, let it stand in the water for one minute to activate the filtration system. Sip water slowly to ensure better filtration. Store in its resealable package. Clean and/or disinfect the nozzle before each use. Use ONLY WITH WATER, it is not intended for use with any other type of liquid. Replace the filter when you can no longer sip water through it.

Additional information

Weight 0.18 kg
Dimensions 6.6 × 3 × 26.8 cm

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