GRUPO FLOREX is a collection of parent and subsidiary corporations that provide cleaning, green area maintenance and pest control services, under the principles of sustainability, innovation and continuous improvement.

SCOSA (Servicios de Consultoría de Occidente S.A.) is one of GRUPO FLOREX‘s subsidiaries. It offers cleaning and consultancy services, as well as training on daily and specialized cleaning tasks,

in addition to all the advantages provided by FLOREX products in terms of health, the environment, and product quality.

SCOSA has more than 20 years of experience offering a wide range of comprehensive, eco-friendly cleaning services in public and private sectors, specialized industries, and the health care and commercial industries. These services range from the most basic tasks in the cleaning process of office buildings, work centers and gardens, to more specialized cleaning tasks in other industries (such as clean room cleaning).

If you would like to obtain more information on the comprehensive cleaning services offered by GRUPO FLOREX through its subsidiary, SCOSA, please visit: www.scosacr.comor write to usand a customer service representative will contact you.


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