FLOREX is an important ally to people and companies alike that aspire to reduce their ecological footprint by contributing to excellent results with respect of the environment, economy and public health. FLOREX is committed to addressing sustainability issues throughout the entire life cycle of its products.

Eco-friendly Production Facilities

From the outset, FLOREX’s infrastructure facilities have been designed as “Eco-friendly Facilities”, taking into account the design, the strategic positioning, and the processes involved in manufacturing the product, in order to make the most of the natural resources available. For example, these facilities allow FLOREX to: (i) use solar energy to power the entire office building and production facility; (ii) collect rainwater for later use in certain production processes; (iii) take advantage of naturally occurring wind currents; (iv) illuminate the work space with ambient lighting during the day and high-performance light bulbs during the night; and (v) use mechanical forces (like gravity and pressure) to package products; among others.  FLOREX is proud to have the first Eco-friendly Production Facility in Costa Rica.

Carbon Neutrality

FLOREX was commended by the Department of Environment and Energy in 2008 for participating in and committing to the Carbon Neutral Pilot Plan initiative.  As a result of this commitment, for the past 6 years the company has endeavored to achieve carbon neutrality. That is 6 years of developing projects to reduce the company’s carbon footprint; 6 years of commitment to sustainability; 6 years that have led the company to modify its production, distribution and marketing standards to have a positive impact on climate change. The year 2016–the last in which the company’s carbon neutral status was verified–is a clear example of this, considering FLOREX’s carbon footprint fell by 20% with respect to the previous year. This is an ongoing commitment for FLOREX, especially since the company has pledged to have a positive impact in the fight against climate change.

Eco-friendly Products

An Eco-friendly Product is any product that serves a need and has exemplary environmental performance throughout its life cycle. All FLOREX products are specifically developed to have the least possible impact on the environment at each stage of the product’s life cycle.
This process begins with the search and extraction of raw materials (which are progressively becoming more and more eco-friendly), and is followed by the constant development of new product formulas with lesser environmental impact and greater performance. Our products are concentrates and are distributed in a wide range of package sizes; this is done to: (i) minimize water consumption during the production process; (ii) decrease the use of plastic in the packaging; and (iii) reduce emissions during transport. FLOREX products are biodegradable and free of toxins and contaminants. FLOREX also encourages customers to reuse or recycle product packages through the company’s “ECOlones” platform.

Circular Economy

The circular economy approach is an economic concept that is closely related to sustainability. Its main objective is to maintain the value of products, materials and other resources (water, energy, etc.) in the economy for as long as possible, and minimize waste. The goal is to implement a new circular economy–instead of the traditional linear model–based on the principle of “closing the loop”, which turns products, services, waste, materials, water and energy at the end of their life cycle into a positive input.
The waste generated by one activity turns into a positive input in another activity. This means that products must be specifically designed to be deconstructed. The circular economy approach succeeds in turning waste into raw materials and is the typical example of a revolutionary model.  Lastly, this system generates local employment opportunities and cannot be relocated.

B Corps

The B Corp certification objective is to construct an economy that can create extensive value at a global scale. Its aim is to promote alternative forms of economic organization that can be measured simultaneously in terms of the wellbeing of individuals, society at large, and the world as a whole, and takes short- and long-term aspects into consideration.
Being a B Corp means that FLOREX is committed to demonstrating that companies can be a force for change and contribute to the solution of major socio-environmental issues. B Corporations have the ambition of being more than just the best in the world, but to be the best forthe world. That is why they seek to protect their mission statements and satisfy the requirements for certification. In addition, these companies endeavor to demonstrate that it is possible to simultaneously pursue a triple impact in terms of the three pillars of sustainability (the economic, social and environmental pillars), without compromising their commitment to continuous, legal and long-term improvement.


The products we manufacture are composed of different chemical elements, one of which is carbon. When the products are discarded, they decompose and break down due to the action of air and   microorganisms (like fungi and bacteria). Biodegradable products go through an accelerated process of decomposition; according to the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), this process cannot last longer than 28 days to be classified as a biodegradable product.
Tests conducted by accredited external laboratories confirm that all FLOREX products are biodegradable. In addition, when it comes to its products and manufacturing processes, the company also takes into consideration other physicochemical properties like persistence, toxicity to other organisms, and other possible degradation mechanisms. This information can be found in our product’s material safety data sheets, certifications and lab reports.


FLOREX is a prominent brand that is well-known for the clarity and transparency with which it defined its identity and vision statement. From the very beginning, the brand has enjoyed several significant achievements and has deservedly earned recognition. This has increased its value and allowed the company to better position the brand among consumers.

  • Cleanest Production Award
  • Pioneers of Prosperity Award
  • Commitment to Excellence Award
  • Exportation/Innovation Efforts Award
  • Innovation Award
  • Pioneer on the Road to Social Responsibility and Sustainability Award
  • Chamber of Industries Excellence Award; 1st place in the Gold Category of the Path of Excellence
  • Chamber of Industries Excellence Award; 1st place in the Environmental Excellence Category

Sustainability Reports

At FLOREX, we believe that the only way people feel identified with a company’s philosophy is through candid and transparent communication. Therefore, in 2012, the company made the decision to share and disclose its environmental and socio-economic results by preparing Sustainability Reports based on the Global Reporting Initiative’s (GRI) guidelines.
The Triple Bottom Line approach is a business strategy that is based on the concept of sustainability; it takes into account the social, environmental and economic aspects of a company.
FLOREX has prepared Sustainability Reports for each of the following years:


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